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Let us introduce you to America & Americans
Getting to know Americans in your community can be a big challenge when you are from another culture. Remaining in your own cultural group will deprive you of the rich cross-cultural opportunities that many students experience when they trust International Friends. International students know they can count on International Friends to provide a wide variety of activities to satisfy their specialized interests in a safe environment.

Our staff and volunteers are Christians committed to serving the international student community and trained to respect your culture and beliefs. International students and scholars will tell you that we are the kind of people who show God’s love in action rather than just talk about it. We all appreciate the kind of friend who is willing to look after our best interests. This is the goal for you in every International Friends activity.

Do you like to Travel? There is nothing quite like a face-to-face encounter with the natural beauty of America. The problem is either having the time to see it, or enough money to do it. We will have short trips to near-by places of interest where you can do interesting activities and see interesting people and places.

International Friends sponsors other activities to help you:

>> Services
* Friendship partners – see the sights with a native guide
* Host Families – visit an American home for a traditional holiday meal
* English language partners
>>Special Events
* Trips
* Fun outings such as roller skating, hay rides, picnics, etc
>>Discussion groups and Bible studies
* Discuss current issues that face every culture
* Learn about Christianity or go deeper with God
>>Mentoring for Christian students
* Learn to be a leader in your community whether here or when you return to your homeland.

Get a Free Bible in English and/or your own native language! Or, get a Free video in your language or in English!

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