Cultural Events

Cultural Events & Trips

Let us introduce you to America and Americans.

If you remain in your own comfort zone (ethnic group) you will be deprived of opportunities that many students experience when they trust International Friends. We arrange events that are fun and interesting. These events are organized with Americans who have been trained to respect your culture and your beliefs.

Meeting Americans on your own can be a little intimidating and stressful. Being with a group of fellow students can ease the stress. In a group situation, students can meet Americans who later become good friends. Students from all countries know they can count on International Friends to provide a wide variety of activities to satisfy their specialized interests in a safe environment.

Do you like to Travel? There is nothing quite like a face-to-face encounter with the natural beauty of America. The problem is either having the time to see it, or enough money to do it. We will have short trips to near-by places of interest where you can do interesting activities and see interesting people and places.
Experience traditional American Holidays with a family
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day

Short day trips to interesting places and special activities and events
Roller skating, bowling, miniature golf
Trip to Amish country, maple syrup time
Country picnics, Cedar Point, Six Flags,
Visit a horse farm, apple orchard, the zoo
Experience a church, witness a baptism
Tour the metro parks, see the Erie Canal
All America is waiting to be experience

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