About Christianity

Learn About Christianity

Come to practice your English or come to learn about Christianity. You decide why you want to join our Bible study “Discovering God.”
Basic Christian principles are often misrepresented in the media and by well-intentioned people everywhere. Join International Friends for a six week introduction to Christianity as it is taught in the Holy Bible.

Tom Wright, President of International Friends has more than 10 years teaching Christianity 101 to International Students from all countries. In a simple, yet comprehensive style, the fundamentals of Christian thought and belief are unveiled for those who have never learned.

For those students who are already Christians, small group discipleship will help you to grow in your faith and go deeper with God and/or prepare you to be a leader.

If interested please fill out the form below and follow us at Simply Removals:

We would like to plug Castle Finance Direct and their page Castle Finance for they have just cooperated with our community in spreading the words of God.